Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pics of my room

This is to the front of the room. The first window I just have my bundle of material hanging on it to see if the color looked okay. I like it so will make curtains for all the windows with that.
I think I'll need Dwight to paint that filing cabinet again, orange doesn't go so well in this room. lol
Dwight bought me this cart from Home Hardware, I just love it. It's on wheels so I can move it around where I need it.
This is the shelf I use to hold my stamp sets I like to use. I painted it the same color as the walls in my room.
A look out the back way. The door leads to the back yard.
A shelf I hung today. I need to find some clips to put on the rod so I can hang my layouts on there for display. Any ideas??
The desk is old and looks bad but it does the job. Apparently I can't spend ALL our money in this room. lol
This is my desk area. If you've been in my room before today you'll see I changed it. I had the desk under the window and the hutch part beside it on the floor. I like this better.

Hope you come over and stamp with me one day!!


anita said...

Your room looks amazing Anne! So glad you're loving all your space! :)

Charli said...

You are so lucky to have a room to yourself. You are such a stampin princess!