Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paint my room contest

My cupboards are coming!!! Oh how I've waited. This must be what Dwight felt like waiting for his Nova to arrive. lol
BUT, before they get here, I need to paint my studio. It's a pretty drab beige right now so I'd love to liven it up. I'm posting some pics of my studio for those of you who haven't been here in person. And no, it's not very clean! I just kinda tidied it for the pictures but figured if I'm packing it all up in the next few days why bother. lol
The room is 13' x 20' (approx).
The wall with the 3 windows is 13' long and faces east (the driveway is on the other side). Don't worry, the lamp isn't staying, the light on that end burnt out so I'm waiting (very patiently) for Dwight to fix it.
The wall with one window and the door faces west. The door leads to the backyard. So that explains the jackets/boots/etc. And the dog is just sickly in love with me so ya, his bed is in my room too. ;)
This wall with the desk/cupboards/table/etc is going to be transformed. White cupboards all along the bottom with counter top and some open shelves up higher. So everything you see here now will be "tossed" EXCEPT for the wooden shelf with the stamps. That shelf will be moved to the west wall between the door and window.
This wall doesn't have much on it but the shelf will go I think. I'd like to put up a bulletin board for displaying projects and maybe a different kind of shelf higher for displaying 3D art. The orange filing cabinet will also be gone and I'll either stack my chairs there or put a book shelf there.
Also, the 2 horrible tables in the middle will be replaced with one large white table the measures 4' across and 12' long. I can hardly wait!!
Okay, so what I'm asking from you is how should I paint my studio and what color(s)? During the day there is lots of sunlight so I'm not scared of a darker color. I'm not a pink/purple kinda girl unless it's in small doses. The rest of my house is earth tones. The cupboards and trim will be white and the rug is a grey with flecks of blue, green and burgandy (mostly blue) but not sure that's staying for the long haul. I also would like to add some of SU!'s vinyl wall accents so tell me which one (or more) of those I should use, or one of the the stencils. There's a link in the right column of my blog...the green definitely decorative catalog.
I really need help here people!! I'm open to all suggestions (within reason ;) ).
So if you want to enter this contest I need:
1. paint color choice(s)
2. vinyl accents or stencils (which ones, what color)
3. what color/kind of curtains to put up
Comment or email me with your wonderful idea!
If I choose your design (all 3 listed) you will win a $40 gift certificate for SU! merchandise to purchase through me. So please help me out here.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scrap day!

The votes are in and counted. 12 to 6 for the 6th of March.
The details:
March 6th, 2010
Winkler Elementary School
signup/payment deadline Feb. 17th
goodie bags
use of all my stamp sets, big shot, and punches
A wonderfully, awesome good time!!
Email me at to book your spot! Space is limited so hurry!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ribbon roses

I'm not very good with tutorials but will attempt to show you how to make a ribbon rose. It's actually very easy and I love the finished embellishment.

Supplies needed:
-ribbon, I used 24 inches of Riding Hood Red taffeta 3/8" wide
(you could also used strips of fabric or felt)
-3x3 piece of cardstock, perferrable the same color as the ribbon
-sticky sheet or strips

Cut your sticky sheet the size of your cardstock and stick on.
You can also use strips of 2 sided tape, just make sure you cover the entire surface.

Remove tape backing that's in front or would it be called the fronting? hmmm, anyway, peel off the top to make it sticky.

Starting in the middle, stick one end of your ribbon down.

Twist the ribbon while going in circles around the middle of the flower.
It's up to you how twisty you want your flower to be so experiment and see what you like.

Keep twisting and turning and pressing the ribbon into the tape.
Keep going until you have your flower to the size you want.
Tuck the end of your ribbon underneath and press into the tape. It should now look something like this.
Another angle.
Cut the extra cardstock off as close to the ribbon as possible. This will make your scissors super sticky!
You can leave it like this or embellish with a brad/button/whatever you want. Here I used a clear brad.
With 24 inches of ribbon my flower ended up being approx. 2 inches wide.
If you try this I would love to see your flower and how you used it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

total change of plans

Okay so not so much for the plans but the date.
I've bumped scrapday to March, so do you want it the 6th or 13th?
Sorry about this but it was kinda out of my control.
Please comment, call or email me for your choice of date and I'll pick the majority vote. :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


A friend of mine was asking about glitter. Well there are lots of ways to use the wonderful stuff.
On this first card I stamped the large rose onto watercolor paper with stazon ink. Then used the crayons and aqua painters to color it in. After I cut out the flower I stuck it onto sticky sheet and cut again. I peeled off the second layer of backing and added dazzling diamonds to it. Then I adhered it to the card. Looks pretty cool.
For this next card I punched out a piece of cardstock with the ornament punch and traced it onto the sticky sheet and cut out. I cut off the bottom of the ornament to turn it into a vase. I peeled off the top layer of backing and punched a little flower out of it, then stuck the flower backing onto the middle of the vase. Added brown glitter, tapped off extra. Peeled off the flower and added pink glitter. Then made my card. I thought it turned out pretty cool. I think for this one they call it burnished velvet.
*scrapbook day, looks like people are leaning towards the 13th of Feb. Any other comments on the date? Let me know.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Scrap Day?!

I'm planning my annual scrapday and looking at the first or second Saturday in February.
What works best for you? Please let me know!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

The holidays are over

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and rang in the New Year with lots of cheer!

With the new year it also means some new catalogs. The mini catalog and SAB catalog are now available. Woohoo!! You can view them online at or call me to see them IRL! Now is a great time to book your workshop, but my calendar is starting to fill so call soon.