Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thank you card

for Mrs. Barrett. I downloaded the new GIMP program and can't figure how to make a watermark on it. So I added the text in Picasa. Guess that works too.

I meant to post this a few days ago but my wonderful hubby surprised with a weekend away in Kenora. He realizes I've been miserable the last few months and thought we could all (us and the kids) use a retreat.

We watched the Canada Day fireworks over the lake. They actually set up two areas of fireworks, one on each side of the lake. Amazing!! Lasted a good 30mins too.

Now, on to the card. This is retired cs, Taken with Teal and the pp is from the retired Sweet Pea collection. Loved that paper!! I glued the 3 pieces of pp to copy paper then ran it through the big shot with the lattice EF. Punches used were the decorative tag and scallop oval. It was a quick card to put together.

I don't have a paper copy of the new catalog yet, (I know, how pathetic is that!!) but they are on order. Everyone can now see the new catti online at and that's where I've been all night. lol Hoping to place my order in the next few days, so if there is anything that is a must have for you, email me in the next day or two.

*Tracy, did you see there is a dinosaur set in the new catti? ;)

I'm also planning to do another mother/daughter class this summer. What would be some good dates? During the week? Morning? Afternoon? Send me some suggestions!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a mess!!!

And I love it!! I've been playing in my studio off and on for the past 2 days. What a great feeling to be reaquainted with old friends!!

How I've missed having inky fingers. lol :)

I also have to say sorry Leigh, I meant to update sooner today but I was having so much fun creating I forgot. (and of course I had to make supper for the clan, the boys needed bathes, the dog needed a get the picture)

If you look closely you can see a few finished cards. I'll upload those tomorrow (hopefully) Some of these are for the teachers so I gotta get them done...tonight. lol Yep, I still love to procrastinate. :)

Have a great night, I know I will sleep better with ink on my fingers...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

things are changing

Not that there are any of my fans left.... :(
When I started my new job in November I never thought it would eventually consume my life! So, I quit!! Yep, my last day is Saturday. Woohoo!! I have never felt so good quitting a job.
I loved working at the shelter and I love what they are doing for the homeless dogs/cats, but it's a very demanding job with almost no pay. Eventually I was going in everyday for something (without getting paid). I just can't give that much of myself to something other than my family right now. I do wish them all the best.
Give me a few weeks to get my life (and my family's) back on track (as well as getting my house clean and in order) and I should be posting again. Can't wait to get my fingers inky and I have so many projects I've been dying to get to.
See you soon!!