Saturday, November 29, 2008


Got it done! But I can't seem to get a good picture of it. It really does look better in real life. The boys are so excited to start. The envelopes I made using the big shot and in there are activities that we'll be doing that day. ie. baking cookies, taboganning, game night, movie night and so forth. The small tags have a number on the front and on the back it says to pick a box from under the tree. I'll have boxes of goodies under there. (I'm almost finished making those) I just don't know how I'll keep Carter from opening them all in one day. lol

Here is a shot of those ornaments I was talking about. I tried to photograph them every which way and this is the best I could get. And I didn't want to take each one individually. These are the Trinkets on Board ornaments from the mini catalog. The look really nice and it's all diecut for you. The chipboard AND the pattern paper. Love it! Hoping to use the rest on some cards.
I was tagged by Leigh so now I have to give you 7 random facts about me. (this should be interesting-not) So anyway, here goes:
1. My watercolor pencil crayons are sorted by color and shade.
2. I want to go skydiving.
3. I joined Curves almost 3 months ago.
4. I've lost a total of 13 inches since joining Curves.
5. I love high heels but never wear them anymore.
6. I would love to get a tattoo.
7. I have never been able to drink an entire can of Coke (355ml) in less than an hour. Usually takes me a few hours to finish one IF I do.
So there you have it. Now I'm supposed to tag 7 friends but I don't know that many that have blogs, so if you're reading this and have a blog, consider yourself tagged!
Now I'm off to make a birthday card for a friend.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's not just silly anymore...

it's driving me crazy! My advent tree that is. It worked so well in my head and now I just cannot get it to come to life. Why does that happen? Oh well, I've restarted it again and hopefully this time it will work out or I'm off to buy those chocolate ones from the store. ;)
On a good note, I've found many templates to make boxes for under the tree.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Great day!

Card class #2 went very well today. THANKS ladies!! I think we all had fun and the cards seemed to be a hit. I'm hoping to offer an all occasions card class in February '09, so stay tuned.

I learned a little trick a few days ago I thought I would pass on to you. Over the years I've heard of a few ways to sharpen punches. Wax paper, tin foil or sand paper seemed to be the norm. But would you believe the best thing to use is a soda can?? Just cut the top and bottom off, then cut down the side to make it flat. Next, just put it into your punch, and punch away a few times. Then use a little wax paper to lubricate it. Wa-la, good as new. I tried it tonight, worked wonders.

Alright, I'm off to finish that silly advent tree...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


5 kids!!
okay, so not really, as 3 of them are not mine. hehehehe
Why must they fight so much?? And why is nap time so short??
Anyhoo, whatcha all up to? I've been working on an advent calendar. Well not so much a calendar as a tree. Hopfully I'll finish it today or tomorrow. (probably Friday in all reality) I'll post pics of it when I'm done.
I have a card class on Saturday, one girl cancelled so I have room for one more. Same cards as last week.

I ordered the Tinkets on board ornaments kit from the mini catalog when it first came out. I finally got them all put together and hanging in my room. What a lot of work, but I think they look great. Don't know what kind of a picture I can get but I'll try tonight when it's dark outside.

Well enjoy the day and I'll be back hopefully tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last batch

Kendra Ellison created this card using the Big Shot. Love how she cut up the die cut.
This cute little snowman card was made by Megan Austin.
Here is another card made by the talented Judith Burns. Love the color combo!

Eve-Marie Beaudoin Made this gorgeous card, another color combo I'm lovin'.
This cute pink card is made by Allison Bos.
I love the look of the jumbo eyelets on this card created by Karen Reinert.
These next two cards don't have a name on the back. Simple cards, but quick and cute.
Fran Bosse also made this beautiful card using the Scandinavian Season set. Love it!!
This Kindness card has no name either. Love that pattern paper she used.
Alysabeth Johnston is the artist behind this card. Great color combo and I love the collage look.
This Season's Greetings was created by Carmen Bodnarek.
And last of all, but not least, this super cute card by Evelyn Wood. I think I'll need that set.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some more, wouldn't let me do it all in one post

Don't you just love this little sock monkey made by Ingrid Pedersen. I ordered the mini clips once I saw how cute they were.
Love the bright colors on this card by Irma Syganiec.
Hearfelt Thanks by Jenny Jones.
Totally love these flowers by Joanne Murray.
I wasn't sure about this set but I've seen some beautiful cards made with it. No name on this one either.
Love how Heather Laser made her own background pattern paper on this card. I'm going to be asking for directions on how to do this for sure!
Lori Greig created this very whimsical card.
I love the colors and design on this beautiful card made by Lois Froese.
This is a great Christmas card made by Kim Bjorklund.

44 days until Christmas

At least if I counted right it is. Have you started shopping? Are you done? We have only started and I'm hoping to head to the big city in the next few weeks to finish. Anyway, have a few more cards to share from the swaps.

*also, I have 2 spots left in this Saturday's card class
I really love the design of this card, but not too keen on the black, I'm thinking blues for this would be beautiful. Unfortunatly there is no name on this one.
Sarah Dryburgh created this cool little window card.
This is a cute 'enjoy' card that I would love to CASE one day was made by Lauren Mitchell.
Leah Sumner made this cute Snow Swirled card.
I love love love this card using the Always set. No name on this one either, but it's one of my fav's from this swap.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

More swap cards

Here are some more swap cards I promised to show off. It's always interesting to see what I get back in a swap, and for the most part, I really liked all the card fronts I recieved. Hope you enjoy them too and find them inspiring. If you want to know a "recipe" for a particular card, please just ask me. Most of them have it on the back and I can let you know what was used.
This one was made by MiRan and the Mellow Moss piece opens up to show a message. Very cool.
Here is another one by Stampin with Smilies.
Witch cat is made by Janet Rossi.
This one created by Fran Bosse.
Cute snowman done by Carmen Bodnarek.
Love the simplicity of this snowflake card, no name, just email address was on the back of this one.
My favorite stamp set (okay, one of my fav's), but no name of the artist.
Judith Burns did this Tangerine Upsy Daisy.
Judith also did this one.
And this card made by Evelyn Wood used the faux linen technique. LOVE IT! Gotta try it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Christmas sneak peak

I acutally had some time to make 2 cards for our class. And they both have glitterly trees!! But they look completely different. One is pretty bright with some Riding Hood Red (what do you think Irina??) and the other is kinda monochromatic. Hopefully I'll get the other 3 samples done this weekend. I totally plan on neglecting my house and family for a little me time!

Some card swaps

These are from 2 cards swaps I joined so they are all made with SU! product. I'll try to upload a few eveyday as I think I have 80 new cards. That was a lot of picture taking and cropping. I didn't bother adding the watermark as there is just not enough time to do all that.
This first card is made by Stamping with Smiles. Hmmm, that's all she wrote on the back.
This one is by Megan Austin.
On the back of this one it just says Diana.
This one was created by Twyla Anderson.
And this last one was done by Rosina Petrella.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November special

In honor of Stampin' Up!'s 20th year in business they are offering a 20% discount on all the rubon's in catalog and mini catalog. You first need to spend $20 and then you can order as many packs of rubon's as you want at 20% off. What a great deal!! This special runs from November 10-30th. Just call or email me with your order.