Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Sometimes I love that place, sometimes not.

Last week I popped in there for something and I ran into my mom who was looking at the tiles they have there. Just above the tiles I noticed some cork tiles. *bing* on went the light bulb in my head. I've been wanting a bulletin board in my studio but hadn't found the 'right' one, until now. The cork tiles were 12 x 12 and came in packs of 2 for $2. Sweet. So I bought 7 packs. (an extra one because the some of the big shot dies cut cork!!)

Anyway, just one layer was too thin so I glued two sheets of cork together and made six of these tiles. I painted them the Poolside Blue because I wanted them on my Willow wall. Then I used that 2 sided tape for hanging things and put them up. Tada! A bulletin board on my wall for $12. Love it!

Here it is plain.

Here it is with some samples.

Totally way cool in my studio!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Twin cards just using different colors. I loved the pp pack Sweat Pea and so, of course, I was hoarding. Gotta stop doing that. So I made some cards knowing I probably wouldn't use on the boys pages. lol Super quick, super easy. Thanks for looking!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cheap wall art

I'm still decorating my basement. Still, as in started a year (or two) ago and still finishing up.

I painted the walls BJ Hempseed, like the rest of my house and thought I would just add some color in the furniture and accessories. We bought a new couch and loveseat in a chocolate brown and that's where it ended. After painting my studio BJ Poolside Blue I knew that was the color I wanted to add to the basement. So I've bought some fabric that is pretty much the same color blue to make curtains and couch pillows. I also wanted to put some stuff up on the walls, but didn't want to spend too much as 1/2 the basement is the boys rec room and things can go flying sometimes. lol I went to Dollarama and bought some canvas's. They all had pictures on them but that was fine, I knew I was going to paint over them. I just bought a variety and when I got home started playing around with how to arrange them. After I had the canvas's how I wanted them, I started painting. The base is a chocolate brown, added a few squares of the Hempseed color and burgandy (because that's what I had on hand) and then made some swirls with the Poolside Blue paint I had leftover. 20 bucks spent and few hours of my time, I've got a great piece of art on my wall. It really does look better in real life though.

And, here's another card share using the new embossing folder, Flower Garden. I absolutely love those embossing folders. This card was quick and easy.

I'm still working on a mother/daughter class, a few things came up unexpectedly so I've got to do some juggling....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Faux mother of pearl

This technique looks and sounds hard but it's not.

I used a piece of saran wrap, crumpled, dipped it into a little bit of the frost white shimmer paint and then dabbed it all over my VV cs. Let dry. After I sponged the edges in Soft Suede ink I wiped some of the ink off the paint. Creates such a unique background. I used the retired set, Bliss for this card. Love that set.

I am planning a scrappy garage sale, was hoping for some time in July but my days are slipping by. I'll let you all know when I settle on a date.

Have a great evening!