Wednesday, February 24, 2010


As promised, some after shots.
My gosh I was so excited while Jeco was installing them. And Dwight made it very clear I was not to embarras him by taking pictures WHILE the guys were installing them. teehee Does he know me or what??!! But I was good and waited until they left.
Of course, every jobsite needs a supervisor or two. These two stood there most of the morning watching the guys work. You can see Carter also got his tools out to 'help'.

This is what I see now when I stand at the head of the table. (I can't wait to fill my room.)
The green on the wall is called Poolside Blue but it matches SU!'s Bermuda Bay. The dark wall is Willow and it's a brown with a rich gray undertone. Dwight and I both LOVE this color.
My table is 4 feet wide and 12 feet long and weighs 9000 tonnes! Okay, maybe not quite but close, yikes is it heavy. Jeco said we could line dance on it. Um, I'll stick to scrapbooking. lol
This is the cupboard I had designed for my bigshot dies. Handsome young model too. ;)

This is the east side of the cupboards. The top part will be used for displaying 'stuff' and the drawers are for my cardstock and pp. The upper 4 are for 8.5 x 11 the bottom 4 are for the 12 x 12.
This is the west side of the cupboards. I left the last set of cupboards without doors because of the stamp shelf and there is also an outlet in there.
Here's a complete shot. Well, as best I could anyway. My laptop will go in the middle and I need a bar stool to put there as this cupboard is higher than a regular desk.
Once I have my studio 100% done I will post more pictures, I promise. But that will probably take a few weeks as I have no money left. (but I do accept donations. :))
Tell me what you think!! I love it and can't wait to scrap in it.
Thanks for letting me share. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010


After I painted my room, all by myself because noone came to help me, (hrmmmf!) I'm not sure I want to share the after pics.

Okay, so I have NO after pics because the cupboards are only arriving Tuesday. *sigh* They couldn't get to them sooner. Oh well, good thing I have lots of patience. NOT! It'll be so worth it and I'm getting lots of reading done, so it's all good.

Just wanted to remind you all that tomorrow is the deadline for signing up for my scrapday on March 6th. Email or call me!
I'll sign off with a funny:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The winner...

Well, first here are all the suggestions I recieved:

I'm gonna say it anyway! I want you to do chocolate chip, Pretty in Pink and a hint of Kiwi Kiss!
Ok well the Spot On vinyl has CC P in P and Celery, I say use that instead of Kiwi. And use that vinyl. I hated working with stencils so I say do yourself a favour and use the vinyl.
How about Chocolate and Rust? Maybe with some striped curtians?
I really like the cover of the decorative flyer, so I suggest that colour of turquoise on the walls, or on one wall with a Kiwi Kiss green on the other three and that white dandelion stencil on the large wall, coming from behind your bulletin board idea.
Oh, curtains..... I'm such a plain jane when it comes to curtains. Some white wooden venetian blinds would be nice-- the larger type ones.
I think you should paint your walls a soft yellow. (I think it's a very creative/inspiring color).
For the curtains, a darker yellow.
The big plain wall (where your shelf is right now) I would put 8-10 of the wonderful leaves in a random pattern
All the walls a brown with black vinyl accents. (tree and create definition) white blinds with black curtains
I love pink and say you NEED pink in there!!!! Not a lot. Paint all the walls a nice chocolate brown and then stencil pink. Paisley? Adornment? Then put some dark roman blinds on the windows.
1.My color choices are chooclate brown on the cupboard wall and the single door and window wall, then a teal/aqua color similar to the color on the cover of the definitely decorative fall winter 2009 catalogue.
2.the vinyl accents first the tree, thoughts & prayers #116003 (med size) in brown on the large wall were you have the little shelf right now. Then in white the definitions, inspire - share - create,(#117838, 117843, 114079) in white around the room or the tree or you can place the definitons diagnaly beside the tree (start with inspire closer to the floor beside the tree, then share diagnaly above beside the tree and then create near the top of the wall above the tree). To me it makes sense to have those definitions in your room because that is what happens in that room!!
3. Curtains would be nice to have a pattern with earth tones and some of the color pulled from the teal/aqua color, brown and white. Some kind of pattern would be nice to add texture since all the other colors are plain colors.
A soft sky/sea blue on 3 walls and the wall with the cupboards a dark blue to make them pop.
The curtains could be white with blue pattern.
Create definition along the top of the wall in one straight line (not like in the catalog) above where you want the bulletin board. On the bulletin board put the Flutter accent and paint the frame the same dark blue.
RED!! Go team Canada!! Red walls, white curtains and accents!
Paint all your walls turquoise or teal. Not too dark, more bright/bold. It would really liven up the room and make it feel bigger. The wall with the least amount of 'stuff' on it you could stencil the Parisian Damask over the entire wall but do it the same color but with a little pearl shine or shimmer added to it. Beautiful tone on tone effect.
White vinyl accents on your walls... I do love the dandelion as well as the definitions inspire, share, create.
Turquoise ones on your cupboards, flutter would be nice.
Window covering should be white too I think or your could go totally different and do them in a bright blue or yellow.
Teal on the cupboard wall, backdoor wall and wall with 3 windows. A deep gray (with green undertones) on the big plain wall. No window coverings, just leave your white blinds up. I like the stencils from Elegant Trio, particularly the flower.
first on your door you should put the create definition on the windows
Colors on your walls
wall with cupboards bermuda bay or a color a little softer not quite so bold (although I like bold sometimes)
all other walls soft suede kinda color
the dandelion flurry coming out from behind the bulltion board ( I love this idea I didn't steal it from Leigh when I was thinking about this I thought she said the daisy one) in white (to match your cupboards)
the frame of the bulliton board should be ......Rich Razzleberry or Melon Mambo ( couldn't resist some girly colors and "its not on the walls")
For your windows you could do a nice simple romain shade to match your wall color or the white wide slot blinds and on those you could when its closed put on a vinyl that would be awesome hard to do but look awesome.
the tree I would put it on the wall where your stamp shelf is going put it on top of the shelf. Or you could put the Flutter one on there Or do the picture frame idea that is on the cover of the definitly decorative booklet.

So if you read my post yesterday you've figured out I've choosen Eva's idea! (but I will tweak it a bit with MaryAnne's ;) )
I have been going crazy with which one to choose. They were all great ideas! I decided I will award Eva the prize as most of her suggestions I will use but I will also be using some of MaryAnne's so she'll get a free class from me.
I will paint the cupboard and window walls teal, and the plain wall brown. I'll get the dandelion accent and the flutter and I will see how it looks without curtains but I'm thinking I'll like that.
Love the idea of painting the frame of the bulletin board pink and putting the accents on the blinds.

Thanks to everyone who participated. It was interesting to see that many of you choose the teal, guess it's really popular! As is the dandelion accent. Now I just need you all here Wednesday to help with the painting. teehee

I'll post pics as soon as I'm done but I don't think I'll be posting much until then as all my stuff is packed away and I'll be busy.

Thanks again!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Still deciding....

Okay, I am having some serious trouble picking the winner. There are several ideas I'd like to do!! Dwight and I (okay, more 'I') have been debting over 2 in particular. By tomorrow evening I'll decide as I want to get the paint on Monday. My room is nearly empty. (wow, I had far more than I thought I did, but shhh, don't tell Dwight)
Sorry for taking so long but I just can't decide. I'll post all the ideas tomorrow with the choosen idea last.
See you tomorrow. And thanks to those who entered!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paint my room contest deadline

I've got some really great ideas so far! Thanks ladies!!
Just to let you know, the deadline for entering my contest is this Friday, Feb. 5th 6pm. Then I'll sit down with all the ideas and pick the one I like best. I'll post the winner on Saturday.
Remember, I want paint color(s) suggestion, vinyl accent and window coverings suggestion. Prize is a $40 gift certificate for SU! from me.
Thanks for playing.