Monday, October 26, 2009

Nothing but trouble

with our internet these past few weeks. I've called MTS a million times, we got a new modum, a new router, had MTS come in and put a main filter on our phone line, ran malware software on the computers and it's still not where it should be at. We are sooooo frustrated so I'm going to call Computer Remedies again (hopefully they aren't getting sick of me).

Hopeing this post will work. I've tried a few times but just can't get it.

On a happier note now that I've vented (thank you for listening by the way :) ) I have filled my Christmas card classes and some have asked for a 3rd. We'll see.

A few things to share, (of course only if this post actually gets into bloggerland)

Coasters for a friend of mine. She always hosts our book club but doesn't have any coasters for our wine glasses so I made her a set. Hope she likes them. The main image is a retired set, Garden Collage and then I added some swirls with the Baroque Motif set. I stamped them with stazon and then colored the image with my blender pens and craft ink. Next I baked them for about a 1/2 hour in the oven at about 300F, and once they cooled off I clear coated them. Sounds like a lot of work but not really.

I've had some time to scrapbook lately but the mojo is just not there, I think it's been too long.

I did finish one layout for my scrappers club this month, very simple because like I said, no mojo. I used pp from the Cast a Spell package, so cool. I just can't decide on a title for this one, so it's still missing, it'll come yet. lol

So what was I doing instead of scrapbooking? Making this

Is that not cute? I saw it on a blog when I was blog hoping (instead of scrapping) and thought, I could make that. It has 6 little envelopes in there. Just too cute.

I plan to make myself scrapbook more the following weeks so I get my groove back. It's been a long lonely summer for my scrapping supplies.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Christmas card classes

I still have a few spots left in my Christmas card classes on Nov. 7th and 14th.
We will be making 15 cards and the cost is $30. If you're interested please let me know asap.
Now I'm off to scrap so I have something to post....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

*Caution, scary post*

I saw these cute, or should I say scary, top note bags on a blog somewhere. (I really should start writing down where I find this stuff) My boys LOVE them. I'd like to make some for their classmates for halloween but that's just too much work! So I think I'll make some for my daycare kids and add a few treats into them. And maybe their teachers. I think it's pretty straight forward as to what I used. Top note die for the head, tab punch for the noses and bolts, and circle punches for the eyes/eyelids. The eyelids are on dimensionals. I hand drew the mouth and scars on Frankenstein. Hope you like them!
Also wanted to remind you of the deal of the week. The My Way punch, Trio Flower punch, and 5Petal Flower punch are on for $15.99 each. That's nearly a $7 savings!! No minimum, no maximum to purchase, BUT if you order 3 or more, I'LL pay your shipping and handling. Email or call me by October 10th to get in on this fabulous deal.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Made it through the Pumpkin Fair! It was great. Had a blast and sold 90% of my stuff, other than cards that is. They did not sell so well, so it goes. Overall, though, it was fabulous! I'll be there next year (and I'll start making stuff in March!)
I have been super busy these last few weeks. Up till midnight most nights working on stuff, either for the fair or just life. I plan to go to bed early tonight!
I wanted to share a few more things I did. I used the spider from the DD catti and put it on this glass bowl. Too cute! I'll be using it at halloween. I didn't have this one for sale, just to display.

People were loving this pumpkin poop! I made 10 baggies and could have done 20 more I'm sure. (next year) They were as popular as the little pumkin baskets in my last post. Another popular one was the reindeer poop. A few girls came to buy it just for the chocolate, too funny. When I was making them Carter came to me and we had this conversation;

Carter: "Mommy, what is this?"

Me: "It's reindeer poop"

Carter, with eyes as big as saucers: "where did you get it from?"

Me, trying very hard not to laugh: "I was chasing reindeers with a shovel"

Carter, now with total horror on his face: "I don't think I want any"

And if any of you know Carter, he will eat any candy, any time. I laughed so hard. I'm mean I know, but didn't I have children to bring me joy???? teehee

Lastly, here are 2 of the many journals I made. Most of which sold, but I didn't take pictures of all of them. Just didn't take the time, sorry.

I also ended up with 14 orders of different items I sold out of. Thankfully from local people so I'll be making those this week.

Whew, I am so glad this is behind me. Now it's time to get my scrap on!!