Thursday, December 18, 2008

One more done

I love beautiful wrapped gifts! I have my sister-in-laws name for our gift exchange and she wanted dessert bowls. Well, it's hard to wrap a big heavy present beautifully. Plus I still needed to spend a few more bucks to meet the required amount, so I got her some nice earrings. The store I bought them from doesn't have the earrings boxed so I made my own.

The base is Chocolate Chip cardstock and the top is a sheet of pattern paper from the Holiday Treasures pack. For the packageing inside I put some scraps of cardstock through my crimper, scrunched 'em up and put 'em in. I then wrapped the box with the satin ribbon and made a tag with my new punch and stamp set. (which I mutilated)
Yep, you read right. Sometimes I don't like a stamp 100%. Case in point, this stamp.

I wanted a spot to write the persons name on the tag. Usually I just put tape over the spot I don't want inked. But it wasn't working on this stamp, too small an area. I stared at the stamp for a while and realized, I don't NEED the "dear friend" part so I cut it out. Yep, I just got out the knife and preformed a little surgery. I love it this way. But I must say, I do void any kind of warrenty/guarentee this way. Which is fine, I've never had a problem with my SU! stamps.
Well, I'm off to finish treat boxes for Colby's class. I'm using my punches to make santa's to put on the treat box. Just don't ask why I wanted to make 26 of them!


carol said...

Lovely! I wish I had time to do more of these "homemade touches". I love how yours turn out. Once again I say maybe next year!

david and michelle said...

you're such a rebel!!!

and i love how the box turned out.

Anonymous said...

I like it!!!! simply said and I really had to laugh about your little surgery you decided to perform. That stamp will never be the same again.!!!!