Monday, December 15, 2008

Every time I use

gluedots, I think of Carol. (oh girl, you know why!!) For the rest of you I'll give you a little hint (or the whole story).
Carol was at one of my card classes (she's my biggest fan, bless her heart ;) ) and gave me supreme sh!t for not riping the extra protective paper off where I had already used the dots. Okay, so it was more like she was in total shock that I would leave the 'tail' just hanging there and not keep it neat. But, whatever, every time I reach for my gluedots I think of Carol and smile. (AND IMMEDIATELY RIP THE EXTRA PIECE OFF ) :) You know I love ya girl!!
Anyhoo, enough harrassing. I'm here to share what's been keeping me so darn busy these past few days. Other than a sick family that is.
I actually made 2 of these stationary boxes, one for Colby's teacher and the other for my 6 year penpal. (hope she's not reading this) I used Baja Breeze and Old Olive as my main colors to coordinate with the Green Tea pattern paper. Stamp sets I used were Essence of Love (retired), Pocket Silhouettes, and Fresh Cuts.
The inside has 4 standard size cards, 4 3x3 cards, envelopes, 4 tags, notepad, mailing stamps and a pen. I didn't take individual photos, do you want me to? I just did a group shot, was a little lazy.
I really hope they like them as it took me forever to make these. I have to figure out how to package the one for my penpal so the postal employees don't destroy it before she gets it.
Until next post....


carol said...

Very nice, as always my dear! Glad to know I leave an impression! tee hee

JAR said...

Wow! What a fantastic gift set!! Awesome work!

Liz said...

wow... these look fantastic (and time consuming)!

Jen said...

It's beautiful! such a nice idea.

Nina said...

Oh my Gosh! You are truly amazing! I totally love the colors and totally love idea and totally love everything about it!