Sunday, November 9, 2008

More swap cards

Here are some more swap cards I promised to show off. It's always interesting to see what I get back in a swap, and for the most part, I really liked all the card fronts I recieved. Hope you enjoy them too and find them inspiring. If you want to know a "recipe" for a particular card, please just ask me. Most of them have it on the back and I can let you know what was used.
This one was made by MiRan and the Mellow Moss piece opens up to show a message. Very cool.
Here is another one by Stampin with Smilies.
Witch cat is made by Janet Rossi.
This one created by Fran Bosse.
Cute snowman done by Carmen Bodnarek.
Love the simplicity of this snowflake card, no name, just email address was on the back of this one.
My favorite stamp set (okay, one of my fav's), but no name of the artist.
Judith Burns did this Tangerine Upsy Daisy.
Judith also did this one.
And this card made by Evelyn Wood used the faux linen technique. LOVE IT! Gotta try it.

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carol said...

I have to say that none of these cards compares to yours.