Saturday, April 3, 2010

almost forgot

Here's the card Brent gave Carol. I just threw a little ink on the cardstock for him. ;)

It's another Zindorf knockoff. My first attempt at one of here tutorials but wanted to wait to upload it so Carol wouldn't see it early. I should mention though that I've been using sponges instead of the brayer because I mainly have stampin' spots, not all the big ink pads.
I also made the inside all "fancy". I really like that look but have to admit I don't always put forth the effort.
Hoping to get some scrappin' done today after we go see How to Train Your Dragon. You know, so we're prepared for when we decide to adopt a dragon.


carol said...

The card has a place of honor sitting on my TV stand...with the other 2 SU! cards I got this year! Love it

Leigh said...

Another beautiful card!
I love how you prettied up the inside of it, too!
Did you enjoy the movie? We stuck with the toonie matinee. ;)