Sunday, October 4, 2009


Made it through the Pumpkin Fair! It was great. Had a blast and sold 90% of my stuff, other than cards that is. They did not sell so well, so it goes. Overall, though, it was fabulous! I'll be there next year (and I'll start making stuff in March!)
I have been super busy these last few weeks. Up till midnight most nights working on stuff, either for the fair or just life. I plan to go to bed early tonight!
I wanted to share a few more things I did. I used the spider from the DD catti and put it on this glass bowl. Too cute! I'll be using it at halloween. I didn't have this one for sale, just to display.

People were loving this pumpkin poop! I made 10 baggies and could have done 20 more I'm sure. (next year) They were as popular as the little pumkin baskets in my last post. Another popular one was the reindeer poop. A few girls came to buy it just for the chocolate, too funny. When I was making them Carter came to me and we had this conversation;

Carter: "Mommy, what is this?"

Me: "It's reindeer poop"

Carter, with eyes as big as saucers: "where did you get it from?"

Me, trying very hard not to laugh: "I was chasing reindeers with a shovel"

Carter, now with total horror on his face: "I don't think I want any"

And if any of you know Carter, he will eat any candy, any time. I laughed so hard. I'm mean I know, but didn't I have children to bring me joy???? teehee

Lastly, here are 2 of the many journals I made. Most of which sold, but I didn't take pictures of all of them. Just didn't take the time, sorry.

I also ended up with 14 orders of different items I sold out of. Thankfully from local people so I'll be making those this week.

Whew, I am so glad this is behind me. Now it's time to get my scrap on!!


carol said...

I think we should have 1 night a month scheduled to do stuff just for the fair. Yes, I'm offering my services again. :-)

Anonymous said...

hehe i like the reindeer poop!