Sunday, September 20, 2009

I have been busy

Check out my mess!! Thanks Carol for helping mess it up. ;)

I have been busy getting things ready for the Pumpkin Fair. I tell ya, I better sell a lot of this stuff so I can do some shopping afterwards. lol It's fun though, so no real complaints.

This little pumpkin treat box was super easy to make. I punched 5 ovals with the wide oval punch, inked the edges and stacked them together. Inside is a baggie with some candycorn.

I love the way you can use the decor elements on surfaces other than the wall. Here I used them on a canvas. I first painted it brown, then rubbed on the vinyl. The 'home' was cut out of chipboard covered with pp using the big shot. I just love it, so not sure I'll sell it. Oh, I have a glass bowl I put some DE onto, I'll post that tomorrow.

The neighbour girl is turning 4 on Tuesday and Carter is invited to her party. Carol was kind enough to borrow me this Princess Time set (Thanks Carol) which is perfect for her princess party. I stared at the set forever, stamped a million different ways, tried a billion different things and this is the best it got. Don't know why it was so hard. (because I have boys?) I was set on having the crown cut out and popped up, maybe that's what made it harder, I don't know. I also had a bugger of a time cutting out the jewels at the top of the crown so I punched them out of a 'reject crown' and put them on top. Loved how that turned out. All in all, I think a 4 year old will like it.

Today we went to a birthday party for this little guy. He turns 2 on the 24th. The older one is my stepson Markus and Ryan is his son. So yes Eva, this is my Grandson! (she is so laughing at me right now) I got a better picture of the 2 of them but it's sideways and I couldn't change the orientation. The best part was that it was a pool party at Ryan's grandparents house. The boys had a blast. It was an awesome party. Happy Birthday Ryan!!
until (hopefully) tomorrow...


luvscrappin said...

hi anne I luv u:) anyway i luv luv the canvas u could give it away for blog candy....... just a thought lol


Anonymous said...

or you could give it to your sister as a bribe so she will stop laughing at GRANDMA!!!!!!!!

david and michelle said...

i love that you are a grandma!!!!
now, we just need to find you some knittin' needles! lol

cheri said...

What a mess!! Have you gotten your cabinets in your scrap room yet?? Your projects look great and i can't wait to do some more scrapping with you!!

carol said...

I didn't think the room looked too bad when I left. You could have left the bottles on the table, at least then people could tell it was a party! I had so much fun, we need to do that more often. And the projects look great!

Anonymous said...

Anne im waiting for somthing new!!!!! come on we need some inspiration:)