Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Holiday Mini

You can now order from the holiday mini catalog. Lots of great stuff in there. (The My Digital Studio is not available until October 1st.) SU! is also offering a great hostess bonus right now.

Host a workshop totaling $330 or more between (Sept. 1 and Nov. 30th) and choose any one item* from the holiday mini catalog for only $14.
*this offer excludes hostess sets and my digital studio

October 1st, after my digital studio is released this offer becomes even sweeter. Host a workshop totaling $525 or more and get the my digital studio for 50% off. That's 1/2 price!! (retail price $106.95; discount price $53.47)

The total workshop amount is the amount of sales, not including shipping and taxes. So now is a great time to have that workshop!! Call or email me for a date.

I'll have a few more picture shares in the next few days. We've had sickness and birthday parties happening this past week but now we're back to normal so I'll post something fun!

I also need to add that SU! has asked us to be 100% SU! on our blogs so I can no longer link to anything that is not SU! so that is why I've removed many of my links on the sidebar. :(

**ETA** I guess I should have worded that a little differently. SU! doesn't want us promoting other companies or products. I agree with them. Every company asks this of their employees. I decided to delete links to family/friends as well as they use some products on their projects that are not SU!. I don't want to walk in the 'gray area' so chose to switch my blog to SU! business only. It's a good thing, I'm happy with it and understand SU!'s decision. I'll still stalk my family/friends blogs so no worries. :)


david and michelle said...

that is very disappointing that SU would request you to exclude your family life from a free service. I could understand if you paid for the blog, but since we don't...

carol said...

I agree, that's lame! I have a few things I NEED to order from the mini! I can't stop going through that little thing!