Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Here is the larger version of the backpack I showed you the other day (or week). I wanted one big enough to put a few A2 sized cards and envelopes into for a teacher gift. It took a little tweaking, and recutting, but I got it done. Really like how it turned out. Now I need to make some cards to match. I LOVE this pattern paper and bought another 2 packs with the special right now.

You can see the huge size difference between the original and the one I changed.

I also have a layout to share, believe it or not I had some time to scrap last week. I used the big shot to cut out the title, used a transparency sheet for the '&'. I'm loving the corduroy buttons too.


carol said...

The back pack turned out great! and I love the layout too!

cheri said...

Love it Anne, so glad you finally decided to post again!!

Leigh said...

Oh, that backpack is just too cute!