Friday, August 8, 2008

Today is the day!!

I should be getting my new catalogs today. woohoo So I'll quickly post then I'm off to stalk my mailwoman. ;) Don't forget my new catatlog party on the 16th!!
Here are a few more projects I've done (still have a few in progress) for the fair. Another index card journal and altered mini composition book. I turned the altoid tins into wrist wallets. They are just the right size for debit cards, some change and lipgloss. I punched a hole in the side to add a loop of ribbon to put around your wrist.
Hopefully I'll have time today to work on a few more things before we go on holidays.
Have a great day all!
(I have no idea why the writing and pictures are so wonky. sorry)


Anonymous said...

I like it all! Good Job Anne!
Hey by the way are the catties in????

carol said...

You must be coming to the harvest festival this weekend, that would be the perfect time to drop a catty off at my place!!!!!!

carol said...

By the way your projects look GREAT!!!