Wednesday, March 19, 2008

an early good morning to you all

So we've been up since 6:20am today. That's sleeping in compared to yesterdays 4:45am. How did I produce an offspring that loves to get up that early??? So anyway, in a perfect world that would mean by now I would have put a few miles on the treadmill. I guess I can't keep my big butt a secret any longer. lol Instead, I'm on my second cup of coffee and updating my blog.
Here are a few cards I did at parties during SAB. It's over now and I'm glad I'll get to take a bit of a break. I was booking 2-3 parties a week. whew, I'm tired. But a big thanks to all my hostesses who hosted these parties, they all turned out great!
This first card is made with a SAB set, Friendship Blooms. It was the most popular set to be picked. I love the big flower and swirls. This card was done with a new set from the mini catalog, For Father. A great set for watercoloring, which has a been a popular technique lately.

This card I made a while ago actually. For a friend. Forgot that it was still in my camera. oops
It's done with the Priceless set. (still a fav) The pink brads look better IRL.

So, hopefully with painting done and SAB over, I'll have more time for some me stamping. Okay, actually after the long weekend as we're having house guests for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

OOOHH! Love that second card with the watercolouring. I might have to beg that set off of you to play with! Looks great!

And I'm gonna CASE that first card with the SAB set, so cute! Keep 'em coming, girl!


Anonymous said...

hi anne everything looks super nice hope one day to be as creative as you