Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Sometimes I love that place, sometimes not.

Last week I popped in there for something and I ran into my mom who was looking at the tiles they have there. Just above the tiles I noticed some cork tiles. *bing* on went the light bulb in my head. I've been wanting a bulletin board in my studio but hadn't found the 'right' one, until now. The cork tiles were 12 x 12 and came in packs of 2 for $2. Sweet. So I bought 7 packs. (an extra one because the some of the big shot dies cut cork!!)

Anyway, just one layer was too thin so I glued two sheets of cork together and made six of these tiles. I painted them the Poolside Blue because I wanted them on my Willow wall. Then I used that 2 sided tape for hanging things and put them up. Tada! A bulletin board on my wall for $12. Love it!

Here it is plain.

Here it is with some samples.

Totally way cool in my studio!!


carol said...

Well, aren't you just a smartie pants! Looks great! And a very frugal idea...I'm jealous! Gives me an idea.....

Leigh said...

Very cool idea! Looks great!

cheri said...

Looks awesome!!

justina said...

love it!!