Monday, July 18, 2011

Cheap wall art

I'm still decorating my basement. Still, as in started a year (or two) ago and still finishing up.

I painted the walls BJ Hempseed, like the rest of my house and thought I would just add some color in the furniture and accessories. We bought a new couch and loveseat in a chocolate brown and that's where it ended. After painting my studio BJ Poolside Blue I knew that was the color I wanted to add to the basement. So I've bought some fabric that is pretty much the same color blue to make curtains and couch pillows. I also wanted to put some stuff up on the walls, but didn't want to spend too much as 1/2 the basement is the boys rec room and things can go flying sometimes. lol I went to Dollarama and bought some canvas's. They all had pictures on them but that was fine, I knew I was going to paint over them. I just bought a variety and when I got home started playing around with how to arrange them. After I had the canvas's how I wanted them, I started painting. The base is a chocolate brown, added a few squares of the Hempseed color and burgandy (because that's what I had on hand) and then made some swirls with the Poolside Blue paint I had leftover. 20 bucks spent and few hours of my time, I've got a great piece of art on my wall. It really does look better in real life though.

And, here's another card share using the new embossing folder, Flower Garden. I absolutely love those embossing folders. This card was quick and easy.

I'm still working on a mother/daughter class, a few things came up unexpectedly so I've got to do some juggling....

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carol said...

Loving the wall art! I'll have to come over and see it in person :-) of these days...

That is a really pretty card too. Would be fun to do some cutting and pasting together!