Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eight 10year old girls

Wowsers, what a party!! I think the party girl had a blast. My niece Ashley asked to have a build-a-bear birthday party so this is what I came up with. I think you can click on the pictures to make them bigger.
First the cake, or cupcakes as it ended up being. They all had a bear paw print on it in the build-a-bear colors of yellow and blue. I jazzed up the muffin tower 'cause, well, you know!! Lucky me, my order came yesterday too (with the Li'l Paws die in it) so I quickly cut out a few bears to stick into a few cupcakes.
I also made Ashley a birthday banner. Gotta have one of those. I thought it turned out pretty awesome. There is a bit of non-SU! stuff on there but that's okay. (just the glitter cs and ribbons)

Here's a close up of the "A".

I also had a matchbox for each girl. In it there was a sticky note pad, clip (which I decorated) and some jelly beans. My sister also had 3 mini gel pens for each girl, beside the box. I'll see if I can get Eva to take a picture of the clip. It was a silver clip and I made little pink flowers and glued them on. Very cute.
Here is my sample of the canvas project the girls did. I picked up some 7"x 9" canvas's and a few bottles of paint. The girls could chose what color they wanted to paint their canvas. As it dried the girls then picked out some pp for the clothes their bear would wear. I had all the bears done a head of time. I also let them use the nonSU! glitter cs for the title on their canvas. (It was easier than letting them use glue and lose glitter.) I also let them pick out some flowers or punch hearts/stars/flowers/butterflies with the punches and pp.
They got really creative with the paint and pp embellishements. I'm sure some of them would have stayed all night if they could, they had a blast.
I managed to get the girls to settle down long enough to take a picture of them with their canvas's. What do you think? Pretty creative hey?
And last but not least, Milo after the girls left. I don't think he's used to such 'high energy' in such a short amount of time. lol


Liz Goldhawk said...

wow! you must have been busy! I love the cupcake tower, and those canvases turned out so cute! I love that each one shows the personality of the girls. I'm saving that idea for my party idea file!

carol said...

Really cute! Ashley has such a good auntie! :-)

Leigh said...

So cool! What a fabulous party you threw! You must be the best aunt ever!

Tanya said...

that cup cake holder looks familular. glad it is getting used.looks like a fabulous party!