Sunday, July 4, 2010


My open house was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who came out to take advantage of my sale and oogle over the new catalog with me. It was a great day! At the end of this post you'll find the list of winners. I gave away 7 stamp sets!!
I want to offer a mother/daughter class. (daughter being 8-10ish years old). I'm looking at the 17th of July. Cost would be $30 and the class would be held in the morning at my house. Let me know if you're interested.
Winners to my prizes:
Vintage Labels: Gail
Out of the Box: Teresa
Darling Dots: Ashley
Country Morning: Eva
Polka Dot Punches: Susanne
Of the Earth: Cheri
PP pack: Melissa
I'll be emailing all the winners to let them know. Congratulations everyone!


carol said...

Sorry I missed out. Sounds like it was a great day for you! I think I'd like to do the Mother/Daughter day with Caity. It's the day of the Bon Jovi concert though, so I have to see what time Brent wants to head to the city. I'll let you know though for sure!

Anonymous said...

ok Anne you need to update your blog!!!!!!!! Nettie.F