Saturday, May 8, 2010

scallop circle punch flower tutorial

Okay, so I've finally got the tutorial here. Sorry it's taken so long. On the weekend when I started uploading all the pics Dwight took me furniture 'looking' but before we knew it, we bought a new couch and loveseat for the basement and I was giving the rec room a coat of paint. So again, sorry.
These flowers have been travelling around in the blog world and thought I'd share too. Don't know who the original creator is, sorry.
I really like this flower but they are bulky so probably wouldn't use them on a layout. I'm working on some cards to use these flowers I've been making.
First, punch out 3 scallop circles from your cardstock.
Send these 3 flowers through your crimper 6 or 7 times, this breaks up the fibers in the cardstock making them soft.
They'll look like this.
Then, crunch them up several times to soften even more.
You'll notice on the edges that the cardstock is separating, that's a good thing. Peel the cardstock apart so you now have 2 circles.
Do this to all 3 circles, making 6 circles.
You can see how the inside of the cardstock is fuzzy, this is now the right side. (or the top)
Layer all 6 circles, fuzzy side up, and poke a hole in the middle for your brad. You can use any kind of brad, it won't really be seen once the flower is done. Great way to use up those brads you bought and now wonder why you did.
Once the brad is in, start with the top layer and scrunch it up. Working through one layer at a time.
You'll then have a flower that looks like this.
You could ink the edges before assembling to create added dimension. I want to try this with pattern paper but don't know if you can separate pp, guess I'll find out.

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cheri said...

Cute flowers!!

Anonymous said...

cool idea

Anonymous said...

the anonymous was Irina lol

Leigh said...

Very cool, Anne! TFS!

Anonymous said...

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