Monday, January 25, 2010

Ribbon roses

I'm not very good with tutorials but will attempt to show you how to make a ribbon rose. It's actually very easy and I love the finished embellishment.

Supplies needed:
-ribbon, I used 24 inches of Riding Hood Red taffeta 3/8" wide
(you could also used strips of fabric or felt)
-3x3 piece of cardstock, perferrable the same color as the ribbon
-sticky sheet or strips

Cut your sticky sheet the size of your cardstock and stick on.
You can also use strips of 2 sided tape, just make sure you cover the entire surface.

Remove tape backing that's in front or would it be called the fronting? hmmm, anyway, peel off the top to make it sticky.

Starting in the middle, stick one end of your ribbon down.

Twist the ribbon while going in circles around the middle of the flower.
It's up to you how twisty you want your flower to be so experiment and see what you like.

Keep twisting and turning and pressing the ribbon into the tape.
Keep going until you have your flower to the size you want.
Tuck the end of your ribbon underneath and press into the tape. It should now look something like this.
Another angle.
Cut the extra cardstock off as close to the ribbon as possible. This will make your scissors super sticky!
You can leave it like this or embellish with a brad/button/whatever you want. Here I used a clear brad.
With 24 inches of ribbon my flower ended up being approx. 2 inches wide.
If you try this I would love to see your flower and how you used it!


Liz said...

Super cute (and not too hard)! I hope you'll show us the finished project! :D

Leigh said...

Fabulous tutorial, Anne! Thanks so much for sharing this!

Cin Cin said...

This is super cute-TY for the tutorial, Anne! :)