Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paint my room contest

My cupboards are coming!!! Oh how I've waited. This must be what Dwight felt like waiting for his Nova to arrive. lol
BUT, before they get here, I need to paint my studio. It's a pretty drab beige right now so I'd love to liven it up. I'm posting some pics of my studio for those of you who haven't been here in person. And no, it's not very clean! I just kinda tidied it for the pictures but figured if I'm packing it all up in the next few days why bother. lol
The room is 13' x 20' (approx).
The wall with the 3 windows is 13' long and faces east (the driveway is on the other side). Don't worry, the lamp isn't staying, the light on that end burnt out so I'm waiting (very patiently) for Dwight to fix it.
The wall with one window and the door faces west. The door leads to the backyard. So that explains the jackets/boots/etc. And the dog is just sickly in love with me so ya, his bed is in my room too. ;)
This wall with the desk/cupboards/table/etc is going to be transformed. White cupboards all along the bottom with counter top and some open shelves up higher. So everything you see here now will be "tossed" EXCEPT for the wooden shelf with the stamps. That shelf will be moved to the west wall between the door and window.
This wall doesn't have much on it but the shelf will go I think. I'd like to put up a bulletin board for displaying projects and maybe a different kind of shelf higher for displaying 3D art. The orange filing cabinet will also be gone and I'll either stack my chairs there or put a book shelf there.
Also, the 2 horrible tables in the middle will be replaced with one large white table the measures 4' across and 12' long. I can hardly wait!!
Okay, so what I'm asking from you is how should I paint my studio and what color(s)? During the day there is lots of sunlight so I'm not scared of a darker color. I'm not a pink/purple kinda girl unless it's in small doses. The rest of my house is earth tones. The cupboards and trim will be white and the rug is a grey with flecks of blue, green and burgandy (mostly blue) but not sure that's staying for the long haul. I also would like to add some of SU!'s vinyl wall accents so tell me which one (or more) of those I should use, or one of the the stencils. There's a link in the right column of my blog...the green definitely decorative catalog.
I really need help here people!! I'm open to all suggestions (within reason ;) ).
So if you want to enter this contest I need:
1. paint color choice(s)
2. vinyl accents or stencils (which ones, what color)
3. what color/kind of curtains to put up
Comment or email me with your wonderful idea!
If I choose your design (all 3 listed) you will win a $40 gift certificate for SU! merchandise to purchase through me. So please help me out here.


Liz said...

How exciting!!! I hope you'll share 'after' pictures too. I'll think about some suggestions, and shoot you an e-mail.

carol said...

OK, Dwight may not be impressed with me but I'm gonna say it anyway! I want you to do chocolate chip, Pretty in Pink and a hint of Kiwi Kiss! There I said it, let the (paint) chips fall where they may!

carol said...

Ok well the Spot On vinyl has CC P in P and Celery, I say use that instead of Kiwi. And use that vinyl. I hated working with stencils so I say do yourself a favour and use the vinyl. There, I'm done!

Leigh said...

I really like the cover of the decorative flyer, so I suggest that colour of turquoise on the walls, or on one wall with a Kiwi Kiss green on the other three and that white dandelion stencil on the large wall, coming from behind your bulletin board idea. I hope this made sense.

Leigh said...

Oh, curtains..... I'm such a plain jane when it comes to curtains. Some white wooden venetian blinds would be nice-- the larger type ones.

Anonymous said...

Oh I have an awesome idea!!! I will email it to you cause its long to explain!! oh but its gooood!!


carol said...

How about Chocolate and Rust? Maybe with some striped curtians?