Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's been a long week

Yikes, can't believe I survived this past week. 3 parties (well 2 parties and 1 class) last week and then my scrappers club is on Tuesday. So 4 in total over the course of 7 days. But it's been fun. Love getting out, especially last week, the kids are getting spring fever!!

A little tidbit in my personal life. Last post I showed you the clifford cake I made my son for his birthday. Well I totally overestimated how much icing I would need to make it so I had a bucketfull leftover in my fridge. Not to worry, Dwight's birthday was on the 26th, I'll just make him a cake with the same colors. When I asked my boys what kind of cake I should make daddy, they agreed on this...

I never thought I'd be making a barbie cake for a member of my family. Too funny. Carter was so excited to show daddy he couldn't wait till after supper. Dwight thought it was hilarious. Not bad for the first time making a barbie cake I thought, and I even pulled off using the red and black colors.

Here is the card we made at Eva's party.
I used the top notz die for the cardstock and pp, but for the pp, we cut off the perforated part. We then used blender pens and ink pad to color in the flower and butterfly. Added a little dazzling diamonds and ta-da, a beautiful card.

I have more cards to share and a kick-butt canvas I made for Dwight. But I'll share that later this week.
Until then...


Bryan said...

You made Dwight a Barbie cake?????
Really? WOW.
I am so not showing Sonya that cake she would so want one!

Great card.

Tanya said...

Love the card...and the cake. Too funny!!

What was Dwight's reaction to that?? LOL

Jen said...

The cake is awesome! which man wouldn't want a naked lady in his cake? lol

carol said...

Lucky guy wink wink. Who doesn't want a naked lady jumping out of a cake! LOL

Love that card!

Liz said...

Great job for getting through such a busy week, and making an amazingly fun cake too! Hope you can rest a little this week!