Monday, February 9, 2009


My mother-in-law had some extra buttons she wanted to get rid of and asked if I wanted them. Of course! Well, I didn't realize how many buttons she was talking about. Wowsers. She thought they would make a great craft project for the kids. I dumped them into a big box and gave them containers to scoop and fill. They had a great time. Of course I did keep a few I can use on some of my layouts. ;)
Colby wanted to make some valentine's for his class so I showed him a few projects and he picked this one. The design is 100% Colby's too. I cut, scored and assembled the boxes but Colby decided on colors, stamps, punch...well you get the picture. I thought he did a great job. On the back he wrote all the kids/teachers names and the candy is taped into it so it doesn't fall out.


carol said...

Good job Colby!

Tanya said...

Those are the cutest Colby!! Good Job!!

Holy Buttons Batman!!

Leigh said...

Great project, Anne and Colby!

Bryan said...

Very COOL!
Did his class like them? I bet is was very proud handing them out!