Wednesday, July 2, 2008


has it been a busy day. Cutting and preping for the card class tomorrow. Of course, I always do it last minute. I must love the pressure. lol I have quite the arrangement of cards for tomorrow so I hope you're all ready to stay up late and work hard!! Any drink requests ladies?? (I think that'll be a loaded question) Haven't decided if there will be snacks as that is just too distracting. lol
Oh ya, I guess you're all wondering who won the retired set huh? Well, I was going to post a picture of the set but then I remembered the whole copyright thing and I can't do that. So the best I've got for you is that it's called Happy Harmony. It's mostly sayings with a flower (weed) stamp. Very nice anyway.
Before I announce the winner I'm going to share a few stats with you. Keep in mind, this is my business. (my line I use on Dwight when I'm explaining why I have to have a new set) In total I have 85 SU! sets sitting in my shelf. Right now, I have 20 current sets, so that means I have 65 sets that I cannot use to promote my business. And of the 20 I have left, I'm losing 7, which means I'm going to have to do some serious shopping in the new catalog!! It also means Carol won the set. (if she knows my sets that well, I think I may have to keep an eye on her from now on! *wink*) It also means I'm going to have to weed out the old and unloved to make room for the new ones. So look out for an open house later in July.


cheri said...

Sweet, i would love to come to the open house. can't believe Carol won didn't she also get the last one too?? Well anyway congrats to Carol!! And i also can't wait to see all the cards tomorrow when are we starting???

cheri said...

Okay silly me i just checked the time its at 7. see you tomorrow!

carol said...

Yeah me! I have to admit that Milo helped me cheat! He spends a lot of time in that room, Anne! tee hee. I am SOOO looking forward to getting out of the house tonight! See ya later!

Liz said...

Well, I'm glad I was wrong with 15, but 7 is high enough. Have fun at your class!