Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wow time flies

Haven't posted in 8 days. Sorry stalkers. hehehe
I do have a card I made yesterday, hopefully will get that up today sometime.

I just had a question for you gals/guys. I'm thinking of doing a ribbon swap. Who would be interested and how many different kinds of ribbon would you want? I'm not sure I can afford to buy all the ribbon right now. But I would get a few different kinds. Let me know, either in comments or emails.

Have a great day!!


carol said...

Are you having stalker guilt for not posting? Is my nagging having an effect? AHHHH, the power. tee hee.

LeAnne said...

This is a beautiful card...I always forget about this stamp set!!
I would be interested in a ribbon swap, depending on which ribbons you're swapping! Let me know!