Thursday, May 22, 2008


So this is a post that has absolutely nothing to do with stamping. hmmmm, unless I include a prize draw for everyone that participates. *wink*wink*

Our daycare here in town currently houses the preschool program. However, they are running out of space and the preschool will have to move to a new location. Of course with the move there is a huge cost and they are doing a Co-op gift certificate fundraiser. Preschool has been a wonderful program for my oldest son and I plan to enroll my youngest as well when he's old enough. So I feel strongly to support this program.

If you shop at Co-op (Morden or Winkler) I would love for you to buy a gift certificate from me. That's it. Just a buy a certificate in ANY dollar amount. (It's Co-op that's donating the money so it doesn't cost you anything more than the amount of the certificate, make sense?) Keep them for yourself or give away as a gift. You can use these certificate's at
-Co-op food store
-Co-op gas bar (Thornview Grocery)
-Co-op truck stop (Hwy 3 & 14)
-Co-op food store
-Co-op gas bar
-Co-op Fashions/Barry's Mens Wear
-Co-op Cafe
-Co-op Home Entertainment & Appliance centre
-Sunset Diner (fuel only)
NOTE**customers cannot put these certificates against their credit accounts.
Fundraiser ends May 30th. So call me as soon as possible. The certificates will be available on June 6th.

Thanks so much for listening and I hope you can help us out!!
I'm off to find a prize....

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carol said...

Count me in. Just pop by and I'll pay ya for them.