Thursday, February 18, 2010


After I painted my room, all by myself because noone came to help me, (hrmmmf!) I'm not sure I want to share the after pics.

Okay, so I have NO after pics because the cupboards are only arriving Tuesday. *sigh* They couldn't get to them sooner. Oh well, good thing I have lots of patience. NOT! It'll be so worth it and I'm getting lots of reading done, so it's all good.

Just wanted to remind you all that tomorrow is the deadline for signing up for my scrapday on March 6th. Email or call me!
I'll sign off with a funny:


Anonymous said...

looking forward to seeing the finished project, and so sorry that I can't make it to scrap day.

carol said...

It's Tuesday, 9:19 am and I am doing everything possible not to call you to see how things are going! I'm so excited for you! *clapping madly over here*

david and michelle said...

do we get to see pics soon?????