Monday, February 11, 2008

Colby's treat boxes

Colby wanted to do something different for his Wee college friends so I told him we could make these sour cream containers. (they're super easy) He picked out 3 stamp sets and yes, it was bugs, Christmas and shapes. I tried to explain the whole heart/love thing, but he didn't care. lol This is what he made, 5 for classmates and 2 for the teachers. The white are for the boys and pink for the girls. I think he did a pretty awesome job. :D


Anonymous said...

Wow!! He did a pretty awesome job. You and your ideas it makes my head spin. I will have to see if Ashley is interested in making one of the boxes for her class.
Maybe Brenden will want to too. H this might not be such a good idea. lol

Anonymous said...

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